10 Best Cities To Live In USA 2021

Here’s a list of the best cities to live in the USA for 2017. There are numerous factors that we have taken into consideration when making the list of what the “best” city is. This includes : Economy, HDI, job opportunities, nature and more. If you disagree with the list and would recommend another city, then comment it below!

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1. Denver, Colorado

Population : 2.6m

Denver is a rich, pretty and very popular city. You can find it at the bottom of the famous Rocky mountains and has one of the best ski/snowboarding residents in the USA.

2. Austin, Texas

Population: 1.8m

The southern city with opportunities for everyone. It’s known for being the ulimate place to invest money in and goes under the nickname “Silicon Hills”. This city is one of the richest despite the population and it’s not that hard to find a job too!

3. Raleigh-Durham, North Carolina

Population: 1.7m

This city is economicly strong due to the founation in research and tech. IBM and SAS institute are huge companies that offers jobs to nearly 50.000 people in this city alone!

4. Minneapolis-St. Paul, Minnesota

Population 3.4m

A city that can take anyone out of boredom. With restaurants and amazing nightlife with jazzbars, casionos, clubs and pubs, you will not get boring during the night. During the day you can perhaps visit of the houndreds of museums, sports stadiums  or perhaps ice skating during the winter!

5. Colorado Springs, Colorado

Population: 6.7m

One of the fastest growing cities due to it’s expansion in education and job growth. A beautiful city with strong nature connection

6. Seattle , Washington

Population :  3.5m

A beautiful city with a good connection to the nature, that includes both water and mountains.  Most people in Seattle either work in tech, mairitime industries or healthcare.

7. Washington D.C

Population: 5.8m

Politicians tend to care about their own city and Washington is not an exception. With beautiful parks, monuments, over all clean streets and big universities – This city is a good city to live in.

8. San Francisco, California

Population : 4,4m

A city growing in wealth due to a lot of sucessful companies that definitely had a good impact on the city.  This makes the city an overall expensive city to live in, but it’s also known to be a place for many good jobs.

9. San, Antonio , Texas

Population 1.4m

This beautiful city in USA offers an outstanding riverwalk in Alamo with quite a nightlife. The bars simply do not close in this area. This city is however not just for the partyloving youth, but also a city for the whole family! It’s also not just a city for a quick visit, it’s also a a city that is considered good to live in.

10. Charlotte, North Carolina

Population: 2.3m

Famous for the NASCAR and motorsports, this city offers a wide variety in museums, architecture and nature. Charlotte is also a city with big economic growth since the 90s and a lot of job opportunities.



Source:     strangelist.com/10-best-cities-live-usa-2017/

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