15 Cities You Must Travel To – 2021

The list is made in 2017, but is probably going to be a “forever” list as the list contains cities that will fullfill your life with incredible culture, food, architecture, historic buildings and party-life.

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1. Berlin, Germany

A city that was once divided into four sections, Berlin is now rich in attractions, architecture,  culture and festivals making the city very attractive not only to visit, but to live in. The attractions in berlin ranges from historical museums such as the Berlin wall memorial and documentation centre, Reichstag (an historical building from the 1800’s) to a more modern building, the famous Berlin television tower. A city you definitely must travel to.

2. Barcelona, Spain

Spectacular views, warm climate and breath-taking beaches along with very old and histocail churches, huge football stadiums and cheap tapas restaurants everywhere! If you like a good nightlife, Barcelona’s clubs are active 24/ 7.

3. Athens, Greece

A living proof of prehistoric happenings. This city is known for its ancient culture beliefs in the old greece gods.  Incredible museums, buildings and greek food makes this a worthy travel destination on this list.

4. Tokyo, Japan

What does this city NOT have? A modern city, but far from the typical western cities like New york and London. From old budhist temples such as the Sensoji temple, the Imperial palace – main resident of the empero, to modern enormous skyscrapers like the Tokyo Skytree, a 634 m tall building. One of the newest atractions Tokyo has to offer. One says that a lifetime is not enough to explore the entire city, Tokyo.

5. Amsterdam, Netherlands

A waterbased city known for it’s architecture and beauty. It got its nickname “venice of the north” because of its many canals. One of the many attractions you must see, is the world’s oldest stock exchange the Anne Frank-house. The city is of course also known for the legal cannabis-cafe’s and red light districts.

6. Rome, Italy

If you like to go back in time, visit the historical city , Rome. The city is known for the incredible fashion and prehistorical buildings and culture. One of the world’s most famous buildings such as the Colloseum, is a must see.  There’s also no city quite like this one when it comes to religious museums, churches and cathedrals. The food, Opera and the city view is something that simply can not be missed.

7. Luxor, Egypt

Some people say that this is by far the most beautiful city in all of Egypt. A travel destination quite like nothing else with its proximity to Karnak, Thebes, and the valley of Kings, a definite must visit place for historical interested people.

8. Paris, France

Of course this city made it to the must visit travel destinations. Eiffel tower and Louvre museum with Mona lisa, a city you can’t complete your life without having visisted

9. Istanbul, Turkey

A transcontinental city that is a beauty to one’s eye. If you’re looking for something a bit different than the typical western cities, look no further than Istanbul. This city gives you a look into the typical Turkey-life. A life filled with culture, religion and food.

10. London, England

Prestigious Museums, restaurants from all countries of the world and street markets quite like nothing else, it’s no wonder that London is infact one of the world’s most visited cities.

11. Jerusalem , Israel

A city where cultures, beliefs, foods and cruisines crosses roads. A remarkeable city you cannot get bored of.

12. Petra, Jordan

Petra is the only entire city that is placed on the UNESCO world list of places you must travel to.  It stands in a league of its own compared to other great ancient cities. The rock-carved out buildings has remained a question from when it was first discovered until this day, an archeologists dream.

13. Shanghai, China

One of the newest cities in the world and known to be one of the cities with the most skyscrapers. If you’re lucky enough to visit this ultimate modern city, you’ll be amazed of the density of skyscrapers (buildings over 150m).  Despite being the most modern city of China, it’s actually known to be the birthgiver of the litterature and cinema of the country.

14. Lallibela, Ethiopia

Looking to make a visit to Africa? Lallibela is a holy city of Ethiopia and is world famous for its collection of antique and stunning monolithic churches carved from rocks. What about food? No worries, Ethiopia is known for it’s food quite different from food you might be used to (in a good way ).

15. Rio de janeiro, Brazil

Very famous city for its Carnival, climate, food but also for having the two best beaches in the world.



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