Free fire mod Apk Unlimited diamonds, auto aim and more features

Garena Free fire mod Apk is a battle royal game that is really easy to understand and control. It is a very popular shooting game. Being the most downloaded game in 2019, Garena free fire is developed by 111 dots and published by Garena. The original game has also won the “Best popular vote game” by the google play store in 2019. The game has over a billion users which is a huge milestone for a mobile game.

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1. Free fire mod Apk

The past few years have been full of battle royale games. Not only the younger youth but also the adults have been addicted to playing all these games. Being easily available on phones, the entire nation can play these games anywhere and everywhere at any time. Here, we bring to one such battle royale game which was the most downloaded in 2019, at some places known as the successor of PUBG, this game is called as the free fire mod apk.

Free fire mod apk is the hacked version of free fire in which you will get unlimited stuff like diamonds, auto-aim, auto headshot and so much more. It is the modified version of the original game free fire. The game has some amazing gameplay, easy to control and very realistic graphics. Free fire mod apk makes it much easier for anyone who downloads it as it has many superior features compared to the original game. It has several weapons involved with skins, free Garena shells which makes the entire game a very thrilling experience.

Based on the battle royale open-world format, you have to compete and kill other players and can also explore the in-game areas to the fullest. Ensure your survival by killing the enemies and stay away from the danger zone. Your health is the most precious part of this game. So, make sure, you do not damage it and get yourself killed. Your survival is the ultimate goal here which will lead to winning the game.

Details of the Free fire mod Apk
App name                                          Garena free fire mod apk
Developer                                          Garena international private limited
Compatible with                                 Android 4.0.3 plus
Latest version                                    V1.59.5
Price                                                  Free
Size                                                   46. MB/ 620 MB
–                                                         –
Root required                                    No
Last update                                       09 Feb 2021
Genre                                                Battleground 

Gameplay of Free fire mod Apk
Free fire mod Apk is a multiplayer game based on a battle royale open-world format. It is a highly interactive survival game that has a total of fifty players. The game begins with all the players being in a chopper and then are being dropped from the skies through parachutes to different parts of a remote island. There is not a specific dropping point in the game, it is on you, if you feel like dropping at a certain point in the island, you can jump with keeping some strategic value so that you do not get killed immediately. Once you hit the ground, you search for all the equipment and weapons which will help you survive the game and kill off other players. This valuable equipment will be hidden all over the island. Equipment includes funs, armours, grenades, medical kits, energy drinks etc. One just has to search for them in order to survive. Once you get all the supplies that you need, your role is not to destroy other players you come across.

One has to stay away from the danger zone so that it does not deteriorate the health. Save yourself as much as possible from other players because their goal is to kill you. But kill every other player alive.  Your survival is the highest goal in here. The last remaining survivor wins the game.

Graphics of the free fire mod apk.
Free fire mod apk has amazing graphics which makes the game look realistic and smooth. The game is designed and detailed in a 3D structure which makes the entire experience of the game very cool and smooth. The game feels very real and interactive from a mobile device as well. HD graphics provide a different outlook of the game. Speed becomes better while playing in HD graphics. The graphics are so clear that the players will find it awesome while playing this game. The graphics of the game is a bit higher which requires a higher memory capacity in a quality mobile phone. The 3D and HD graphics bring out the best from the players of the game.

Features of the Free fire mod Apk
There are many kickass features of the free fire mod apk. One does not have to worry about their health because having the mod apk, ensures unlimited health to the players. All the characters are unlocked and can be customized in any way that one wishes. There are a lot of skins available too. Players are also provided with an unlimited number of diamonds with which they can buy different weapons. There will be no limit pertaining to it. Having no grass makes it easier for a player to move from one area to another. No fog also contributes to a better play in the cold night time mode. The ghost mode feature is one of the best features of this apk. With the help of this feature, your enemies can not see you which makes it perfect for you to hide and kill your enemies. By using the auto-aim feature, one can easily kill other players when surrounded by them from everywhere. One does not need to recoil the gun anymore with the help of a free fire mod apk.

The wallhack is an excellent feature as wallhack makes us easily spot people who are hiding behind any object or wall and we can kill them easily. There is no cheat detection system in this hack, hence making it safe for you to play as you will not be spotted. It also allows us to play multiplayer battles with our friends and we can also communicate with them through voice chat. You can also shoot while you are swimming.

The mod apk version has removed the drawback of the scope shaking which makes it easier to aim and kill the enemies. One can also speed up and fly the cars in this hack version. There is also an increase in reloading speed. The character’s running speed has also been elevated. Auto headshots and night mode are also some of the amazing features included in the free fire mod apk.

Steps to download the Free fire mod Apk
A few steps will take to download the mod version apk.

  1. First, download the Garena free fire.
  2. Go to the privacy settings of your phone then in the security section, enable unknown sources.
  3. Then, once it has been downloaded, go to the file manager and find “free fire mod”.
  4. Then after finding the file, tap on it and start the installation process.
  5. If the game is installed, you will find its icon on your home screen.
  6. Open the game and start playing.

Final words.
Free fire mod apk is an amazing hack that helps you become invincible in the game. It not only enhances your gaming experience but also widens your easy yet strategic gameplay. It is one of the best Battle Royale games our technology has witnessed. It is simple and easy to control. With its realistic and smooth graphics, it ensures every game player an interactive and awesome game experience. It also allows us to play multiplayer battles with our friends and we can also communicate with them through voice chat. This hacked version offers a lot of happening and cool features which elevates the status of the game. All the gamers, do give it a try at one of the best Battle Royale games – Free fire mod apk.

1. Is this game safe?

Yes, it is absolutely safe to download and play the free fire mod. Your phone will not be harmed due to any viruses. There is no risk involved.

2. Does one need to root his/her device in order to play free fire mod apk?
There is no need to root your device in order to play free fire mod APK. One just has to download and install the apk like any other normal game.

3. Will one get banned after using the free fire mod apk version?
No, one does not get banned after using the free fire mod apk version. One tip is to remember to use these features in a limited amount. You do not have to overuse it.

4. Is apk free to use?
Yes, the mod is absolutely free. One does not need to pay anything to get the free fire mod apk version.

5. How to increase your rank in the Free fire Apk mod?
The only way to increase your rank in the free fire mod apk is to continuously play the game. There are no shortcuts when it comes to increasing rank.




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