The Top Five Best Animals

The Top Five

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1. Dog

As cute as children are, I just love dogs more! I am having 0 children but 2 dogs! One Golden Retriever and one German Shepard! Naming them after my dogs in my fictional script stories that I make! Golden Retriever is named Gold and German Shepard is named Flower! I love dogs! My 2nd favorite animal! I also love nature in general! I want to work at the ASPCA and the WWF and as a marine biologist for mammals! I would also love to work for the helpless elderly and Jews as well as the Children's Hospital despite me not wanting any children! To top it all, dogs and nature are just amazing and if I had to choose buying my favorite game I wanted since I was 5 or donate money to the ASPCA, I am going with the ASPCA and saving all the animals!

I love dogs a lot. My mom and dad said that once we move Texas we are going to get a golden retriever puppy. I also love cats but their not so suitable for me, but I don't like the way people fight about how cats are better than dogs and dogs are better than cats. I think that they should keep their own
opinion, And they can get any they want cat or dog whos stopping you?

As cute as children are , I love dogs a lot. I love dogs! I had a dog named Lily and she was very sweet, I never had a dog myself but my uncle has one I saw the cuteness! My parents would NEVER give me a dog, but I really would love to have one! My mom used to have a dog and them her dog died AND SHE HAD PUPPIES!

I love dogs! Cats are just little creatures I hate that's all I think why do people like those selfish beast they are monsters that tear up everything. It would be unusual to see a cat on a leash. Like bro people can be stupid if they love those beast at least 50 more percent people love dogs!

2. Cats

I fricking hate dogs. I don't care what people say. A dog almost killed my BFF when she was a toddler. She was sitting on the driveway eating an animal cookie and then the dog that everyone thought was the sweetest spirit just jumped on her and ripped her face off. She is so kind and I'm surprised that she still loves those giant rodents after what happened. Dogs are murderers. Regardless why. She's lucky that she survived. My older half brother has a dog named maddie. She keeps trying to attack me. Her breath smells and she's super scary. She won't stop jumping on me. I know you dog lovers would say that sHe'S jUsT eXciTeD tO sEe yoU but NO. She won't stop growling and snarling at me. People probably abuse dogs because they took away cat's love and cat's affection. I can tell why half brother named the dog maddie. So ironic.
I love cats. My cat is sitting with me as I write this. Cats aren't attention seekers like dogs. Cats take care of themselves and they even try to eat ...more

My cat is sitting on my lap, purring, while I write this. Cats are really misjudged! People think you can only teach dogs tricks WRONG! Our cats can sit, stay, gentle, fetch, etc. They also know squirrel, chippie, bird, and mouse. Also cats do not ignore you all day . My cats follow me around. (As I said, one is on my lap right now.) And cats don't hide all day either, unless they are abused or mistreated. Our cats actually come running when the doorbell rings! For all those people out there saying cats aren't smart, cats retain unimportant memory for 16 hours, whereas dogs only remember for FIVE MINUTES.

Cats totally deserve top spot, they are way cuter than dogs and one of my cats always snuggles with me and everyone in the family. If I like someone, the cats do too!

My 2nd favorite pet! Mom loves cats and she is even thinking of getting a hypoallergenic cat! I'm so happy! Pets rule, human babies drool!

3. Wolf

I don't know how my love for these beautiful animals began, but I'm glad I like them. Wolves are amazing animals that hunt in packs and learn from their hunts, and their fur is very pretty, no matter what color it is. Wolves also have their own unique howl, and they are very devoted to their pack.

To begin with, wolves are very majestic. There howl is so full of feeling and expression. They are hunters. They work together as a pack, taking down prey, tackling bears, pumas— anything a danger to their cubs. They are a symbol of loyalty and bravery. These bold creatures deserve to be honored for their strength and wonder. But before finishing, I would like to point out two things: a wolf pack is typically only the mother and father wolf, as well as their cubs, perhaps some dispersals, or older siblings. And, for the record, wolves don’t howl at the moon, though, they do, of course, howl to communicate varying messages. Thanks for the comments! All animals are amazing, and should be respected, even if we do have our favorites!

Wolves are danger. At the same time, they look very epic.
I don't know how to describe wolves. White wolves, grey wolves, their colors are so beautiful .

Wolves are my spirit animal. They are a little stubborn, majestic, beautiful, smart, confident, and determined to help out the pack.

4. Tiger

Tigers are awesome, they are fast, athletic, and intelligent. Most Tiger breeds (I think) are endangered and are being held captive, Tigers deserve to be free they are wild animals. Tigers for me are my favorite but close behind are wolves. Another thing is a Tiger is my spirit animal, I get a lot of traits from them and I even have teeth similar. Tigers are free and great animals.

Tigers are awesome, I love all animals but tigers are my favourite, so powerful, tigers are one of the most majestic and beautiful animals in the world.

I love all animals but tigers are my favorite, they are beautiful, cute, powerful and it's such a shame to know that there are more tigers in captivity than in the wild, tigers are WILD animals. They should be running around in the jungle, not stuck in a cage and I don't even want to mention the awful treatment tigers face in circuses, roadside zoos, and exotic fur farms. Also, this roar is rare, please PROTECT it!

So powerful, and majestic. I first got interested in them when I heard Roar by Katy Perry! Theirs roars are so awesome, I could listen to them all day! Yes, their dangerous, but that just makes them even more epic!

5. Dolphin

Allow me to tell u about dolphins. Dolphins are believed to be the most intelligent animals on the planet. The intelligent creature should rule the water! They are just so adorable they mimic your actions like turning heads,

Allow me to tell you what I know about dolphins. Dolphins use echolocation to find food. It comes from the melon the ear is included. Dolphins are intelligent animals and dolphins are known to save people from shark attacks. Dolphins attack by ramming like a bull. Dolphins eat about 45 pounds of food a day. So if you keep a dolphin at an dolphinarim make sure you feed them that much. Baby dolphins are called calfs. Dolphins don't just live in the ocean some live in rivers like river dolphins. So if you like dolphins you should work at a dolphinarim! I like DOLPHINS too!

Dolphins are believed to be the most intelligent animals on the planet (yes, animals includes humans) as an added bonus, they are beautiful, swift and very friendly when they come in contact with humans. The most common dolphin is the bottlenose, as seen in the picture, but these are only one species of dolphin. the others are also typically friendly, social, and just as intelligent as the bottlenose.
Fun fact: Orcas, AKA Killer Whales, are actually not whales, but the largest species of dolphin.

They are just so adorable they mimic your actions like turning heads, jumping and splashing water at u, etc. Of course at which this info tells u they want to play (or be in the mood for mischief). But also I like dolphins because they are kind, they protect other animals and people, they are social. That's the cute part, they love interacting with u and some dolphins definitely aren't shy! I'm looking forward to swimming with one!



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