Top 10 Phobias

People are afraid of a lot of things. Some fears are common and rational. Some are more peculiar. Some are outright strange. Here is a list of phobias that include fears from the normal to the bizarre.

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1. Arachnophobia - fear of spiders

if I ever see a spider I will just trap it in a glass jar throw it in the garbage can then garbage truck come, then you know what happens! :)

When I was 3yrs old, me and my dad was in a department store. I was looking in the toy section and my dad thought it would be hilarious to throw a huge rubber spider at me. Well I was hysterical, and had a phobia of them since (although embarrassing). Also terrified of real ones too. I've had bad experiences with them all my life, they bring on awful panic attacks and I go back to being like that 3yr old girl.
The main point of this story is my dad is an idiot! :-D

I think spiders are really nasty creepy creatures. I can't even look at them without feeling sick or screaming my head off. I once saw a spider in my shower and didn't get in that shower for maybe 6 months. I am mostly terrified of the really big hairy ones. I have never seen one in person and don't plan to laugh out loud.

I would consider it the worst because it's common and often very bad. Some other fears are more rational like fear of heights, but spiders are usually harmless. Spiders are also common themselves which makes it scary (if you are afraid of spiders) that they could be any where in your daily life.

2. Acrophobia - fear of heights

No, no people. Come on. A ferris wheel has a bar or a cage.
Standing on the edge of a 100 ft cliff or the outside sill of a window 20 stories up is terrifying. I mean, some people can do that.
Should I still consider it a fear? It still freaks me out at much, much lower levels. Say about...12 feet up a ladder.
Maybe I'm being a little bit callous. I'm being honest here.

It depends, as long as I feel safe, I am not afraid of heights. If it is going on a really high ride, I rather feel amazed at the view rather than scared. Just as long as I have some buckle on or there is floor, I am not afraid of heights, in fact, it is a cool view to me. If I feel unsafe and there is no protection, then it is scary.

You ask me to go on the ferris wheel and I nearly have a dad-blasted heart attack. You fall down or the machine crashes and you're through. Done as dinner. Kaput.

There's also Michealjacksonphobia. I'll leave it up to you to guess what it is.

I never used to have this fear until we went into a restaurant that is so flipping high. We were sitting at the edge and suddenly, the restaurant began shaking. From then, I became nervous whenever I am at a high height. 

3. Nyctohylophobia - fear of the dark

I'm not at all afraid of the dark, in fact, I never really have been. There are just those nights where I don't feel like being in the dark.

I used to love the dark (aka me being an emo)
Now, I'm terrified of it. I love to watch scary stuff at night, but, I need a night light that's how bad it can get. Especially when someone shows me lights out.

When you're in a dark field, you can't even see far with a flash light. They only go a few hundred yards until there is nothing but pitch black beyond. The Unknown

I used to have this, but as I grew up, now I think the dark is quiet, peaceful, cozy, fun, and awesome to me, especially when I am exploring a dark place or a night sky.

4. Coulrophobia - fear of clowns

I honestly have Coulrophobia. I have never been more scared of anything in my life than a clown. The only reason they wear the make up is so when they kill someone they can not be identified. They are just creepy all around.

After watching "The Brave Little Toaster" as a kid, clowns are the face of the devil, in my mind. I once has a school trip to the circus, and I broke down crying when this one clown gave me this huge smile and asked for my name.

Clowns freak me I I try not to cry or scream, in our schools haunted house my friend dressed like a clown I screamed, I had a dream about clowns last night and I woke up screaming quietly. I didn't want to wake people up.

I'm not really scared of them, they just kinda seem like there going to run up and kill me or something, so I stay away from them. I think it's because I watched the movie "It" too many times as a 4 year old.

5. Thanatophobia - fear of death

So... when I was about six, I used to lie awake at night thinking about death. I was incredibly scared of it- what HAPPENED afterwards? Was I just going to be.. over? Thankfully, my fear of death has lessened through the years. However now I have anxiety and megalophobia, not much of a great difference... :(

People will all die naturally so it's best we should just accept that death will someday come for us. If you're prepared for it and accepted that it will eventually come, it won't be as scary as you thought. Remember, give your loved ones a final farewell hug and the phrase "I love you" shortly before you rest in peace. Also remember, there is an afterlife for you so you can still visit your loved ones as a ghost and enjoy everlasting harmony in paradise.

Look at all the rest on this list. Sharks, snakes, heights, spiders, wasps, and vampire bats? Those are scary indeed, but dying is another thing. You literally never know what happens to you when you die or after you die. No one really knows. I have other fears too, but I fear death the most(though it's pretty interesting and you will never be able to avoid it).

The fear of death is nothing. The fear of knowing you're about to die soon and how you will die is scary.

6. Hippopotomonstrosesquippedaliophobia - fear of long words

I am scared of these people combining 5 words from another language to make a phobia name. Also, this phobia makes no sense at all. Someone comes up to you and says be opportunistic, and you say: "That is scary".

I don't know about you, but I think the people who came up with these names, but I think this going a little too far.

WOW. A phobia that makes the person afraid of the name of their phobia. That's like a dog that's allergic to dog food.

Ok this is the most stupid name for a phobia ever. If you have this phobia your basically scared of this phobia. Confusing.

7. Ophidiophobia - fear of snakes

I love snakes! I keep about twenty in my basement. If tamed well enough, they can make amazing companions.

These things are creepy. I can't even look at one in a book,never the less a LIVE ONE! I hate everything about it. This is my no1 phobia

Every time I think or read about snakes I get so scared

Isn't this another word for really long turd

8. Claustrophobia - fear of confined spaces

I HATE tiny/small spaces or places it's really terrifying for me and I especially hate a room when two walls start to close in.
"Your claustrophobic brain
Sucking you down the drain
The walls are closing in
The air is getting thin"-Alice cooper

I hate tiny spaces, I feel like everything is starting to slowly move towards me, trapping me... keeping me prisoner. It's so terrifying, I can't help but get terrified in oxes or tiny rooms.

Can't really explain but having claustrophobia feels like whenever you walk into a confined space, its like a lobster trap. You can get in but you can't get out.

Being in any small space makes me want to throw up, and if I was every trapped in an elevator I would probably pass out

9. Apiphobia - fear of bees

Oh, these guys have NOTHING on wasps. Bees will only sting if you threaten their territory, and sting you once. Wasps will sting you multiple times and sting you pretty much every time.

After having been stung twice by just one in two different years, I just simply and calmly, walk away whenever one approaches me.

Bees are not scary in my opinion, if you leave them alone, they won't do anything to you. Plus, they are an essential part of Earth and pollinate plants.

The funny thing is, I have a mild case of entomophobia, which is the the fear of insects, but I somehow feel a lot calmer around a bee.

10. Monophobia - fear of being alone

I honestly hate being by myself because I would tend to feel emotionally depressed after a while, depending on how long I'm alone for. I would start having thoughts (or think about things) that make me sad and tear up.

I just started getting terrible nightmares about everyone dying and me being the only one on earth :/ desperately trying to run away from the killer, the disease or fire, (it's a new way to die in every dream -.-) but also hoping they kill you. I don't care about being alone in my room. It's just the thought that you will be totally alone, no one there to help you, or protect you. I kind of have a phobia of close people dying too :/

Is it bad that I like being alone? At family gatherings I'm always away from everyone. At parties I'm also away from everyone too. But if my best friend is there me and him just stay away from everyone and just talk

I am always going with my brother to the store, and if I am alone I feel like I am getting dragged by someone it's so terrifying.

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