Top 10 Reasons to Not Commit Suicide

There have been countless numbers of suicides going on in the past few years so I've decided to share my thoughts on why you should not kill yourself. Don't even try to kill yourself. It really is not worth it. Trust me.

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1. You only have one life

All organisms' purpose in life is to reproduce and die. We are supposed to fight for our lives because only the strongest make it. That goes for the birds, fish, dogs, cats, humans, and every other organism on the planet. Except humans are so ignorant that they care about love and friendship. When in reality our friends and family wont be there for us after we die. Our superior intelligence has blinded us to the truth about life. The animals know quite well about what they need to do, but they are not caught up in the prison of love and emotions. Have a nice day!

Unless you believe in re-birth. You can be re-born after you die, heck if you get lucky, you'll get the opportunity to start your OWN life all over again.

But yes, suicide is quite risky.

Precisely. There's always a vast selection of opportunities, and always something to live for.

Life is the most precious thing you can grasp, don't let go of it.

2. People will think you deserved to die because you killed yourself

Your enemies will celebrate of your death

I've seen a lot of this on YouTube.

3. Suicide does not take away the pain, it gives it to someone else

Your friends and family will end up grieving for you, and the memory will stick with them for their whole life. Don't cause them the pain.

This is very true! Suiciding is wrong and it will transfer your pain onto your family and friends.

You might mean a lot more to your friends and family members than you would expect

Everybody has parents and adults have children. I agree.

4. You'll miss out on all the great, positive things about life

Most people commit suicide because they get bullied in school. Getting bullied in school won’t effect you that much in the future.

Yes. It's true. I have so much to live for. I want to become a YouTuber, travel around the world, adopt a puppy & so many things other people do. I will never commit suicide EVER!

Who knows? Maybe tomorrow, you'll be the wealthiest person alive!

Even when the going gets tough, there's always a future.

5. You will go to hell

Hell is a real place. Do not commit suicide. Instead, give your life to Jesus Christ. Serve Him. Repent of sins. Read a KJV Bible.

I'm very sorry, but this is true!

Christian or not, I still agree with this statement. It is very dark and depressing! ?

Yes, in religions, this can be very true

6. Somebody might need you

Even if you don't know it, you could be making someone's life a whole lot better, brightening their day just by being there.
And even if it's not happening now, it may happen later in life.
But only if you stick around too see it happen.

What if you have someone that's going through something, like depression or autism or something that changes their life dramatically, and then all of a sudden the person they care about most dies?

Somebody might need you so that they can relieve their urge to torture somebody!


Just look at It's a Wonderful Life

7. It's a permanent solution to a temporary problem

Definitely true. Once your gone there is nothing there is nothing u can do to change that. So very true.

It may not be temporary, but even if you do die, no one can reverse that, which is a scary and sad thought.

You right though

This is a Jackseptieye quote!

8. You will break your parents' hearts

Yeah even if they r abusing you or something they will STILL be Herat broken! So true.

Do you really want to do that... ?

I don’t want to commit suicide because people will be sad and I won’t be able to do anything about it. People do care about you and I know that positive remarks don’t fix depression but I just want to say that people do love you no matter who you are.

9. It will affect the lives of others

If you kill your self, then the effect is that everyone else will have to go through the pain. If you kill your self, what do you think will happen after you die? Don't kill your self no matter what happens in your life. I don't care what you believe in because it doesn't matter if you commit suicide. Please, just think before you act. Since I'm a Christian, which doesn't mean you have to be, I believe there is a hell. You will go to hell if you do not give you life to Jesus and believe that he died on the cross for your sins. Please think about this. ,

Everything you do will!

Does Anyone Want To Affect Other People's Lives By Committing Suicide?

10. You won't go to heaven

Biggest reason there isn't 55 grains of lead and copper lodged in my head

This is the only reason why I haven't committed suicide because what if its real and I really do end up in hell

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