Top 10 Reasons Why you should never Insult Someone

but no one cares about the reasons that why do insult hurts. We never accept the fact that insulting someone is actually a sign of insecurity, but it is true. Offending someone with simple words is to judge the other person in a bad light, which not only degrades the other person’s confidence but also shows the lack of peace of mind in the insulting person. There are different types of people in the world with a lot different kind of personalities. Some people try to work hard in a positive direction to make their place in the society whereas some try to play the social hierarchy game by maligning others. Anyways, the best way to deal with insult is silence; it is its best treatment. There are some reasons not to insult others because it may affect you either.

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1. Sad and Ugly World

When you revile a person, you hurt him and become a source of sadness, anger and shame for the offended person. The case may be that you were right in that particular opinion but the way could have been different. Instead of shouting and insulting the person, try to convey your message politely and effectively, because your anger can make other person’s day a burden for him.

2. Social Status

People observe, talk and then make judgments. Social status is one of the important things of a person’s life, thus, it is very important to maintain it. When you insult someone, doesn’t matter in public or in private, other people who may have been observing you or listening to the offended person will make different opinions about you. Your honor and respect in the society will no longer be your company.

3. Lack Of Patience

When you insult someone, it shows your lack of patience. When you communicate, patience makes you a good communicator but when you start yelling at the other person because the reaction was not expected, it makes you a horrible person. Lack of effective communication may lead to your loss and you can lose the person forever.

4. Self-Image

Self-image is our own internal dictionary, which describes our own personality to us. When we insult someone and later realize the mistake, we often feel guilty which tends to create our negative image in front of our own eyes. We now put us in the shoes of others and judge our actions. This negative image may lead to a negative approach to life and can lower our self-confidence.

5. Ego

Esteem is when others admire you for your qualities but when you start mocking yourself in front of others; it’s definitely the worst thing. As earlier mentioned, people insult others to make themselves feel better, powerful and perfect, but it only the result of insecurity and high self esteem. You should never misjudge others because of the reason you are admired, as it is the prime reason of insulting someone.

6. Relationships

Effective communication is the only way to nurture any type of relationship. It takes a lot of work to develop a relationship but to spoil it; it needs only a single word or action. When we talk to people while considering their emotions and feelings, without hurting them, then we may maintain a very successful relationship with them. However, when we hurt them mentally or physically, it leaves a scar on their minds and the relationship can never be the same as it was earlier.

7. Guilt

Realizing your mistake after slandering others is a good thing but then trying to mend up the things back to normal is a waste of your precious time and energy again. When after offending a person you realize your mistake and try justifying and defending your actions, it will make your relation with the person offended more distant. Now the person already knows about your jealousy and aggression towards him, so using the time for something fruitful must have been a better idea.

8. Self-Satisfaction

People insult others because they want to feel powerful, respected and honored, but the truth is that they lose their self-respect in other people’s eyes. The feeling of superiority after discrediting others is actually temporary and leads to several other adverse effects. Abusing others does not make a person strong because he’s pressurizing others to listen to him, but makes him a miserable person.

9. Own Loss

Insulting or degrading others may lead to your own losses at some other time. When you insult people, they are going to remember it for almost more than a decade and will wait for the time to use it as a weapon against you. Calumniating your friends or colleagues may lead to severe situations where you and your job may be at higher risks. Thus degrading others may lead to more self-losses than losses of others.

10. Loss Of Energy

Insult is the outcome of stress and anger. It ought to disturb your whole peace of mind, when you insult or hurt others, your brain works at a faster rate to search for things you could use against the person. Your precious time, which could have been used for some progressive reason was actually wasted on others. This negative usage of time can alter your personality and can affect your important decisions and actions.



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