Top Ten Best Dinosaurs

Top Ten Best Dinosaurs

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1. Tyrannosaurus Rex

I believe with all the facts of science that the Tyrannosaurus Rex is what most people think of when someone says ultimate predator. The Tyrannosaurus has all the reasons for it to be a predator. First, the size infers that it is a hunter. Why would it need its huge size to be a scavenger? To scare off other scavengers? I think not. Why? Because it is the only meat eater this big to be able to fight the prey that is living in the same region. Why would Triceratops need its horns? Why did Ankylosaurus need its tail club? Because another mystery super predator that hasn't been discovered yet might be there? Probably not. Why? Because first, a Tyrannosaur's jaws aren't designed that way. Also, there is evidence of a Tyrannosaurus hunting a Triceratops. All of that determines the Rex the staple of the dinosaurs, and the best, in my opinion. Happy Reading!

I am sick of all the Spino fanboys saying that the Spinosaurus would beat the Tyrannosaurus based on two facts. Its size and its claws. Those two "facts" are enough to send me beserks. Also the facts about INSULTING a Tyrannosaur's arms and saying that it is overrated. In my opinion, all dinosaurs are equal. We shouldn't think about Tyrannosaurus vs. Spinosaurus, we should be worrying about our OWN business. The T. Rex had no idea what in the world a Spinosaurus was because it lived millions of years ago! The Rex isn't built to fight Spinosaurus, it was built to hunt the prey, its natural prey. Life is a system built so every species has its fair share of time to thrive. Life chose the dinosaurs to die. Jurassic Park is a terrible idea. Creating species that are extinct is destroying the system that has worked perfectly for billions of years. Humans are a failure. And just as soon, life may choose us for extinction. We had our chance, and we threw that out the window. If every species ...more

This Dinosaur is awesome. It was strong enough to take on anything it wanted and had little to fear. A very smart, caring predator that would have hunted in packs. Their scent of smell is about as strong as 100 bloodhounds duct taped together in the same direction. Very good Eyesight, puny yet very strong arms that are as long as a human child. A creature that would like to have. Unless you are me and you get your para killed by Rex mega packs on "The Isle."

I hate T-Rex! He's a lousy excuse for a dinosaur. People say he's "So mighty" But he's not! What happened to Allosaurus? He used to be the star until not as good as Allosaurus came along and took over. T-Rex is a JERK. Why is he on this list why?! No one even KNOWS if he was a hunter he may have been a scavenger for all we know! And by the that stick-nose you were talking about could rip you to shreds not to mention hunting is defined as killing something for food Spinosaurus killed the fish in other wards he HUNTED. Some people think T-Rex is great but, many dinosaurs are MUCH better than this disgusting creature. He only 28 ft. tall I mean gigas and allos and spinos were bigger than THAT. I mean he doesn't even deserve to be ON this list. If you can't see that well, then you aren't very smart are you?

2. Spinosaurus

Although a Spino has bad matchups with large predatory dinos, (Carcradontosaurus, to be exact, which I don't know how to spell), it was one of the only amphibious dinos and one of the coolest looking dinos there are. In a matchup versus a Tyrannosaurus Rex, it would most likely run away into the water, then win if the Rex was foolish enough to come after it. But without the aquatic mobility boost, the annoying, short-armed *#%&##% would probably win. However, this is coolness, not PVP. So, the Spino wins hands-down.

how on earth isn't this the best. I'm telling this for the spinosaurus. Any form, it tramples a rex not only by size, not only by claw, but also by intelligence. it's brain is thrice larger than a rex, a bite force of spinosaurus is alone almost near to crush the skull of the most dense-skulled predators, carnotaurus. It's speed is faster than the fastest man on earth, plus swimming. It can easily assassinate a rex mortal, in power and coolness

The Spinosaurus is the largest carnivorous dinosaur and had an evolutionary advantage of being able to swim, the Spinosaurus has a massive tail measuring about 2 metres tall. The Spinosaurus could also defeat pretty much any carnivore you throw at it, even Tyrannosaurus Rex, Giganotosaurus and Carcharodontosaurus. It may not of had a bite force like Tyrannosaurus Rex but Spinosaurus could definitely defeat one.

This dinosaur was the last and largest of the meat and fish eating dinosaurs (even above T REX). This dinosaur is actually fast despite its size. Its teeth are not made for tearing chunks off of his prey (the dirty work is for the claws). The dinosaurs skull shows a crazy resemblelance to the skull of a crocodile (and/or) alligator it even has pressure sensors to hunt for fish without seeing the fish.

3. Velociraptor

HOW THE HECK IS THIS GUY NOT #1?!?! He is faster and smarter then most other dinosaurs. However, Jurassic World and Park got it all wrong. He is a hunter, yes, he is smart, yes, and he is fast, yes. They portrayed the way he looks wrongly, but I can see why. You see, Jurassicpark was before we knew about velociraptor having feathers, so they just portray him with none. And Jurassic World, they were afraid people would hate on them for changing the looks. Which probably would've happened. This chicken - sized feathery bird is the true king of the dinosaurs. (T-rex is still coolbut I prefer velociraptor.) by the way I'm 10 andi already know all dis stuff.

They do not hunt in packs, are covered in feathers, are the size of chickens but a million times stronger, faster, and smarter, and are my favorite dinosaurs.

Due to contrary belief, the Velociraptor was not a sleek door-opening dude. Nope, he was feathery, agile, and quick. However- the Jurassic Park version of Velociraptor is fake. Let's face it, Hollywood stretches the truth. Trust me, Jurassic Park is one of my favorite movies, but it's not a Velociraptor, it's a Deinonychus. No dinosaur ever had the intelligence or a primate, either. Even the smartest dino, Troodon, was as smart as a newborn kitten. The so-called "Clever Girl" is still one of the most amazing dinosaurs. Speedy and vicious, Velociraptors were ferocious and could scare the daylights out of most people.


4. Triceratops

The thing has three super-sharp keratin tipped horns! Scientists agree that they were probably for display, but if I had three foot long horns, I would not stop to think "Wait, my horns are for display purposes only", rather, I would gut whatever giant carnivore. was trying to get at my insides.

Even if fake is really beautiful and powerful. The drill up the top is also said to be for display, but who knows what they might have used it for? Also, this terrific trice can also use its horns to cut down any vegetation that it might fancy. I give this Dino a 10/10!

It's three horns on it's top would not only protect it but also it can harm any other dinosaur. He deserves to be on top. Not on first because of T-Rex, not on second because the huge spinosaurus. But it needs to be at least third

Triceratops has always been my favorite. The Armour it has can take a beating and its horns can win almost any fight. Also, it can fight but isn't even a predator.

5. Ankylosaurus

Ankylosaurus is a living tank. With armour plates harder than bone, the only way it could be killed is if it was struck on the leg and rolled over so it's underbelly is showing (it's only weak spot). Plus it's got a tail that could literally break a T-Rex's leg, by far the most balanced defensive and offensive dinosaur EVER! Super cool and dope

This dinosaur is armored like a tank and had a massive tail club and no predator could kill it when it was fully grown. Not even T. Rex or other ankylosaurs could kill it.

Why is this 15, it should be in top 5, I love this dinosaur, every since I was 6. This dinosaur was a living tank, looked like a warrior, and had a wrecking ball as a tail

The Ankylosaurus is the mullet of dinosaurs. It's cute and cuddly in the front but a mean, wrecking ball-swinging machine in the back.

6. Stegosaurus

Ow damn, ma boi steggy over here. He was my favorite since I was a kid. Those spikes on his back and tail are just so badass in my opinion. Together with the styracosaurus on a well-deserved second place, these are probably my favorite herbivores ever.

Stegasaurus has the smallest brain and known to have the smallest brain it has two brains. It is also the biggest show off, and had some of the most impressive structure ever found on an animal's body.

Not my favorite dino, but I had to vote because I do love this one! Clumsy and slow yet cute with those plates, what not to like?!

Stego sucks all it has going for it is itd spikes it wasn't even the only one of it's kind I mean ever heard of the tuojiangosaurus it was spikier and cooler even more iconic and eye catching.

7. Parasaurolophus

It was always my favorite when I was a kid and it is still my favorite now. I've always loved herbivorous dinosaurs that had a unique quality and the parasaurolophus was no exception. If their awesome horn is filled with water they can make a loud noise to warn the herd that a predator is coming. That to me is pretty amazing.

I've always loved this dinosaur! It was always my favorite and it is still my favorite now all because of that awesome horn. If it fills the horn with water it can let out a loud yell to warn its herd that a predator is coming. Also, after rewatching Jurassic Park III, I was reminded that parasaurolophuses are a lot bigger than they're made out to be and excellent at herding.

I have loved Parasaurolophus ever since I was able to say its name at the age of 6 and I have loved it ever since. It is just such an amazing dinosaur. Its crest is amazing and it just looks so cool. That's why Parasaurolophus is my favorite.

This dinosaurs should be safe while they are standing near water as water predators attack it

8. Brachiosaurus

If I would have a pet dinosaur this is it. Yes we know you would rather have Raptor or Triceratops but I'm going Brachio cause I can ride on his neck and will get an awesome view

The Brachiosaurus was among the tallest dinos out there and could take on a spino pretty easily they also walked in a pack with the children in the middle so they had to be able to take some hits from larger predictors like the spino.

Also the most powerful dinosaur.at 120 feet long, its tail could kill almost any dinosaur predator with 1 swipe.(excluding Carcharadontosaurus, Acrocanthosaurus, Giganotosaurus, Mapusaurus, and Spinosaurus, which all would require 2-3 swipes. But still.)

This this dinosaur is a vegetarian and have a long neck but it can't defeat.

9. Carcharodontosaurus

Carnotaurus and this guy were my two favorite dinosaurs as a kid. While I have grown into liking more dinosaurs, I still love Carcharodontosaurus being a badass animal, seriously, this animal is an asskicking machine.

This dinosaur is super underrated. To any of the people saying Carcharodontosaurus is overrated (how), this dinosaur hasn’t been in a jp movie and hasn’t been a main protagonist or antagonist, it hasn’t been getting as much attention as T. rex, spino, velociraptor, and triceratops. This dinosaur needs more love. Definitely underrated

Carcharodontosaurus was the first dinosaur that only I knew about.I was the only kid who knew what a Carcharodontosaurus would have eaten how tall it was hoe much it weighed everything. And even know I love Carcharodontosaurus oh and I use to always complaining that it wasn't in any JP films. And even now I still complaining how the indominus Rex isn't part Carcharodontosaurus.

Carcharodontosaurus a big relative to allosaurus. Carcharodontosaurus might be the 2nd biggest carnivore (it shows carcharodontosaurus fossil were bigger then giganotosaurus

10. Allosaurus

A cool dinosaur and a childhood dino to most especially when people watched walking with dinosaurs. It definitely deserved to be in jurassic world fallen kingdom.

The apex threat of the Jurassic and a noble combatant for most dangerous big carnivorous dinosaurs fighting food competition like torvosaurus and ceratosaurus and prey like the stegosaurus. It also is incredibly fast! Compared to us at least. Ok bye

Actually, the allosaurus and the velociraptor are not the correct candidates for best hunter, the troodon is. The troodon was the actual velociraptor in Jurassic park. They are the ones who fight in packs and, are as smart as us

I think we should find a new better and stronger dinosaur to make movie about like this guy right here! T-Rex stole the show even though Allosaurus was much better.



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