Top Ten Dream Jobs

Top Ten Dream Jobs

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1. Music Star

This actually really sucks, sure you get paid good and people will remember you when you die, but the pressure to always be perfect and constantly being in the public's eye is the worst, there is absolutely no freedom.
There is a reason stars have a lot of sex and drugs and it isn't because it is fun it is just a way to temporarily get away from the stress that is put on them.

I’d love to do this because you get to play music and turn even the downs in life into a fun song that could be enjoyed by millions. Unfortunately though, my songwriting is very limited and I sound like a cat being strangled when I sing so it would be impossible for me to make a living from this or even make it into the music industry so it would have to be a hobby for me.

I have a lot of interests in music. I wanna (wanted) be a musician but I just put aside it ever since I gave a break in my guitar classes. I don't think I'll ever be a musician. Even though I won't take it professionally but I have a strong eager to learn music. Maybe it'll take time, won't earn me money but it'll still satisfy me.

I play piano pretty well, I sing well (some people say very well) and I can write a song. I think I write well enough to make it big. That is, assuming I had the right amount of luck. I'm going to try. I shall see what happens.

2. Actor/Actress

Okay so, I live in Colorado, and I'm soon to be an actress, (I'm 10) and its not that easy, I get that you get to be some one that your not, but before you get paid you have to pay for special classes, my mom paid 3,000 USD, for all the classes I take, and after those classes you have a show case where asting agents get to hire you, theres a wholeeee train of other reasons and points, but my point is that it's my dream job along with being a neusergant, so uh yeah.

Imagine me in a shiny gold gown with heavy diamond earring hanging from my ears... Walking down the red carper in Louis Vuitton and Givenchy Paris or Balmain... Saying hi to all the famous acting legends like Meryl Streep or Natalie Portman or Viola Davis... sitting in the red cushion seats and watching peoples emotional speeches about all that they have done. Then BOOM my name gets called... Imagine me walking like Audrey Hepburn up the stage to my beaming awards show host and receiving my shining award...

Being and Actor or Actress gives you the opportunity to disconnect from reality and live out your fantasies. You can experience even the most wild adventures and be anything you dream off while entertaining and inspiring others and giving life to the character you play. It's an opportunity to be part of something bigger than yourself, to tell a story that will speak to the hearts of millions.

Well, personally, I would like this because you can become someone you aren't. Like Robert Englund. Normally a nice guy (based on some interviews I've seen). But he was in Nightmare On Elm Street as a killer. And you get paid lots. For basically saying some lines and playing a believable role as a character.

3. Pro Athlete

This would mean suddenly I have the health and ability to really do what we secretly dream of. Running without getting tired in the fresh air and sunshine. Smacking a ball or diving into a pool just feeling the success and freedom. Having the body and winning attitude of a pro-athlete. There are so many sports to choose from Olympic swimming, rock climbing, running, softball, martial arts etc.

This is my dream: to go to the Olympics for track and field! And stop being dramatic about wanting to die rather then becoming a pro athlete @SeeYallOnTheOtherSide

How are both music and movie stars better pro athleticism? This should be ranked way highly ranked because you become a well-known person in the human world. You make some crazy statistics and have some new friends in the locker room and become famous all over the world earning millions of dollars a week.

If I got this, it would mean all my dreams have come true. All I've been working for finally payed off and all those doubters really weren't right about me. I would get to travel around the United States and maybe the world. I'd also be playing the most fun thing in the world. How awesome would that be?!

4. Jet Pilot

A civilian airline pilot is hands down one of the greatest jobs ever founded... Nothing beats leaving your house at twelve in the afternoon and being in a different country just a few hours later... It has its downsides. There are mornings where you have early flights and so have to get up at uncomfortable times and sometimes flight hours are long but it's still a thrill and a gift to do.

Fighter pilot: Pulling g's, having the coolest job title in the world, people begging to hang out and give them a ride, flying for the thunderbirds or blue angels where hundreds of thousands of people watch at one time and want to meet you. Seeing the world, knowing any man in their right mind would kill to have that job. Yeah, a lot of pros to this job!

Airline Pilot is the number one dream job in the world. It is the most prestigious, respected and admirable profession. The education and training to become a qualified Pilot is unrivaled.

I wanna b a pilot and its been my favorite career since I was young. So according to my opinion it was suppose to be in first place

5. Author

I've always wanted to be a writer, a fiction writer, that is. Ever since I was in the third grade, I've secretly always wanted to be a writer but, my parents told me off a long time ago. I made it seem like I've grown out of this, but it's always been deep in my heart to do this. The "good" jobs my parents would like me to do would be a doctor, engineer, computer scientist, etc. The problem is, everything has to do with science. I hate science. (Please don't kill me...) Science just never interested me. Why does every so called good job have something to do with science? Right now, I have no clue where my life is headed...

I really want to be an author, especially a fantasy author. I've read Erin Hunter, Tui. T. Sutherland, and Rick Riordan, and I've got all these ideas about elements and saving the world (and other worlds) and MAGIC. I really hope I can be become a succesful author like Riordan, Hunter, and Sutherland.

Being and author is an incredible job, were people will read or better which is buy. You can even let your readers extend their imagination. And if I was a reader fairytales and crying will be all over the world, I will be known and write some poems by the side, and you dreamers out their don't let anyone ruin your dreams like me; my parents. Have faith and confidins

All of my English teachers have said I'm a great writer. I'm excellent at spelling, grammar and punctuating, I find inspiration very easily (although I tend to lose it easily as well), I have a fairly broad vocabulary (although I tend to only use it when writing) and I'm great with giving descriptions.

6. CEO of Whatever You Created

CEO is cooler but SHAREHOLDER is the real thing... your idea can be unique, the problem is: people will do everything for profit and POWER turning the good idea into something weird or cruel

I am just a girl who is trying to write a comment before my computer instructor walks in and it will be awesome to be a CEO... And blossom to write it before he walks in...

This job is great, my dream is an airline CEO, as I already am interested in planes and like airline manager games, it will be fun ordering planes! "Hey! You, the pilot, today you will fly Flight QC845 from Montreal to London, and let me ride in 1st class, thanks! " Pilot: "yes sir" oh the power! Not to mention you get to fly in your airline's planes at ANY TIME! You get to paint the planes the way you want! Charming.

I want to make my own comics publishing company or something. I like creative stuff... but to also want to be the boss LOL

7. Video Game Tester

When they say video game tester, they really mean you sit there for hours with an old fashioned computer and create the game. Not with an H.D.T.V. and just playing it.

Wow! Play games all day and get paid for it. Where do I sign up anyway, please tell me where, Nintendo or Xbox or Playstation, Please tell me.

What about do something you love to do and be payed to do that? I willing to pay (and already payed) for this.

It's not so good
you need to complete the game in EVERY possible way founding bugs, completing missions/tasks a lot of times...

8. Inventor

This job would be terrible. You would have to go through so much failure before you got to success. I guess some people do it and love it. I must not have a scientist in me.

You could make millions of dollars as an inventor if your invention is good enough

I would love to be the future Elon Musk, If my invention is good enough I could be. A billionaire

I would love to be paid to reinvent the World of Jobs!

9. Playboy Photographer

FACT:To be a male porn star in america you have to shoot 2 gay pornos for every one none gay porno to make sure you don't fall in love and end up kidnapping one of the female porn stars.
ANOTHER FACT: you don't have to be gay to shoot for playboy, you don't have to stay in-shape for playboy, AND you get to meet all the models and out of all those women, you're likely to find one that will... Play with you.

Yeah but it would be pretty hard to take photos with one hand.

Come on guys. Enough with your middle-schoolish humor. This isn't funny and it never was to begin with.

All around good job.

10. Model

Every girl's dream job. Unfortunately you have to have a beautiful face for it. No
"inner" beauty can help you in this profession. This is why it's so difficult for ugly girls like me so watch all the beauties on the runway hoping that someday I will be lucky as those models. Obviously we do not stand a chance. This world is tough for ugly people.

Yup a world of photoshop. It would be nice to be told that you are beautiful and get paid for posing and wearing fun outfits.

Paid $$$ like crazy, has beauty, has happiness, and brings ALL the boys to the yard. What could go wrong?

I'm model and its like just my favorite job

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