Top Ten Ice Cream Flavors


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1. Cookies N' Cream

I saw this, my mouth watered, and I voted for it. I saw the next 9 ice creams, my mouth watered 9 more times, and I voted for all of them too. I think that kind of cancels out the point of this list, but whatever. I shouldn’t do this when I’m hungry

Cookies and cream is the greatest ice cream I've ever had. It's vanilla ice cream and crushed Oreo cookies mixed together. Put them in a blender and enjoy. Thanks for letting me give out my opinion.

Cookies N Cream is simply the best ice cream flavour there is. Can anyone deny this fact, really? Delight in the taste of Cookies N Cream ice cream. The cream is sweet enough to truly retain the standard of traditional ice cream, and the crushed cookie chips add brilliant texture and taste. My all-time favourite guilty pleasure!

Cookies and Cream is definitely #1. The amazing taste of vanilla ice cream mixed with Oreo's tastes heavenly. If you have never tried Cookies N Cream, you haven't lived. :) Right now, you should go to the store and buy some ice cream, so you can eat it and then savour the taste in your mouth. Go right now! What are you waiting for! Why are you still reading this you should be at the shops!

2. Mint Chocolate Chip

Such a delicious flavour, Mint Chocolate Chip is perfect with it's unique flavour, dazzling our minds as it melts slowly with ectasy in our mouths... thank you God for bestowing this upon us.

In general, I like the taste of mints and mint chocolate chip ice creams taste really delicious with it's cold minty flavour.

It’s creamy and minty with chocolate chips in it. Mint and Chocolate are an amazing pair, and ice cream is amazing, so when you put the three together, It’s perfection!

Mint chocolate chip is the best in my opinion. Some people say that mint and chocolate are bad together but I find it DELICIOUS

3. Vanilla

Vanilla is the best! How can you not put this in first place? When you go on google they say the most popular ice cream flavor is vanilla!

I can understand why some people don't like vanilla ice cream for being too bland but I personally think it tastes nice. Vanilla has a very refreshing flavour and smell even though it's better with a bit of decorations as well.

Some people here are nuts! If you go on google and search up the most popular ice cream flavor in the world, you see VANILLA. What ice cream is usually in sundaes? That's right, VANILLA! It's a classic and goes with everything. Does mcdonalds have chocolate ice cream cones? Do you see other flavors of ice cream on top of apple pie and cake? No you don't. Vanilla is superior. Strawberry is too artificial most of the time and chocolate is too strong and is hard and rough ( notice it when scooping out of the tub? ). Other flavors you can barely put toppings on. But vanilla, put hot fudge and whipped cream on it and you have heaven. It's smooth, creamy and you don't have to worry about artificial flavouring. People who don't like it probably had bad ice cream. They need to give vanilla a chance. This is coming from a chocoholic who would never eat vanilla cake. LONG LIVE VANILLA!

It is the authentic ice-cream flavor that must put this flavor on a higher ranking. The simplicity of the flavor is what makes your tastebuds desire more from this. It's original. It's nostalgic. It is more than just basic, it's the mother of all flavors. From a scientific evolutionary perspective we are drawn to the taste of simple things without many additives that makes these things loose their taste. The taste of regular vanilla ice-cream is the closest thing to our natural tastebuds as it is the closest to the taste of the most essential nutrient for all mammals, milk. Vanilla is by far most the most original form of ice-cream that reminds us of simple times, of comfortable lives, of VANILLA ICE CREAM!

4. Chocolate

Chocolate ice cream may not be as sweet as other Chocolate related foods but it still tastes good. In general, I like a lot of chocolate related foods.

Chocolate ice cream is basically the only ice cream flavor I will eat. It is honestly the best flavor. Because it is so simple, the chocolatey flavor can really be highlighted, and in less you don't like chocolate, this is basically a win-win. I love the variety such a simple flavor can have. Chocolate ice cream can be really rich and dense, or can be milky and light. Either way, it is an amazing flavor. I like it plain, so the flavor can really shine through.

Chocolate is a go with anything ice cream. I mean if you like a strong flavor; dark chocolate. Mild; milk. And for sweet thooths: white.

I love chocolate ice cream, and have loved it since I was in diapers. I could rank all the different chocolate varieties for you and Haagen Dazs' Chocolate (not Belgian Chocolate) would come on top, then Ben and Jerry's Chocolate Fudge Brownie, and then I would still be counting.

5. Cookie Dough

Like, you can't even compare. Seriously? Vanilla is above Cookie Dough? Who DOESN'T like Cookie Dough? That's right, nobody. I don't really like chocolate because like some random person said in the Vanilla comments, it's too overpowering and strong and it doesn't give you that, "Ah, icecream," satisfaction that it should. Cookie Dough is that perfect balance and even includes cookie bits (*cough* read the name *cough*) and it's overall the greatest creation mankind had ever made. Thank you, Ben&Jerry's for creating this! (Yeah, I Googled it. Sue me.)

Well I pressed this as soon as I saw it but then I realised there was choc chip cookie dough but any type of cookie dough ice cream is amazing and if you have never had it then you have not lived. It is way better than any type of ice cream and there's no way it's better than cookies and cream because that does not have CHUNKS OF COOKIE DOUGH! Its AMAZING I don't know how I lived without it and the Ben and Jerry's cookie dough is absolutely IRRESISTABLE! (sorry if I spelt it wrong but it is)

I have always liked cookie dough ice cream. its was my go to flavor when I was a kid I'm 33 now and I still love it I don't think your ever to old to like cookie dough ice cream.

I just love the taste of raw cookie dough and I think that is the best flavor of each year. I just think that people will love the taste of it. If you agree say so when you rate. I have a parent that also loves it other wise I would not know what it taste like. If you have not tried it try it right now

6. Strawberry

One of the BEST ICE-CREAM EVER! I love it so much I always pick this flavor at ice-cream shop! My mom like chocolate and she keeps on buying chocolate and I'm like nah, strawberry's better. And I'll never stop buying strawberry ice-creams whenever I see one at markets and shops!

Strawberrys is one of my favorite fruits and ice cream is one of the greatest things on Earth and these two things combined is even better!

Strawberry ice cream is the best there's no other flavor's that I would choose its got a creamy taste with sweet strawberry's to make it better!
Everyone else in my family like different flavors but really strawberry's the best!

Strawberry ice cream is the best! You people who have not voted should vote for strawberry ice cream because it is so tasty. Vote for strawberry ice cream! If you want to vote for other ice cream flavors think again! So vote for strawberry ice cream now!

7. Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough

I was always told not to eat raw cookie dough ( I ate it anyway lol) but this is a step up. Cookie dough that you can eat in vanilla ice cream is a blessing.

Many people say this about their favorite Ice-Cream flavor, but this time, its true. 'Chocolate-Chip Cookie Dough is the best ice-cream flavor, seemingly ever! ' I have no idea how Cookie Dough is higher than this. Adding the Chocolate Chips makes everything better, the taste the crunch, the experience! The taste is simply like taking vanilla ice-cream, which is basic, and throwing in the good stuff, such as Chocolate-Chips and yummy cookie dough! Whats better than that! Nothing, in my opinion. :D

I find the Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough more addicting than the Vanilla ice cream(what do you expect? My parents keep buying Vanilla ice cream and once, they bought 4 tubs of it. Even at my cousins house, they have lots there and they have been bribing us to have more so they can clean out the freezer). The Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough(CCCD) is so chewy and delectable. It is only fair to put Chocolate chips in the cookie dough because the Vanilla ice cream is used as a base. They compliment each other well!

I swear for the last 5 years the only thing I've ordered from dairy queen has been the chocolate chip cookie dough blizzard. The greatest ice cream flavour in the history of the earth

8. Rocky Road

Rocky road is great, Not only is it chocolate but it has such a great combination the cold slimy marshmallows and the chocolate covered peanuts. Its overall a great ice cream

Wait. Chocolate ice cream is Rocky Road without marshmallows and almonds. Cookie dough is disgusting in large bunches like that. Chocolate chips? How about chocolate ice cream with marshmallow? Vanilla is sorta bland. Strawberry is good, yes, but not as good as this at all. That leaves Cookies & Cream and Mint Chocolate Chip, and even with those above this, it would be in number three, but it is in number eight. What?

Dreyer's Rocky Road (the original Rocky Road ice cream) is still the best of the best. Perfect blend of perfectly roasted almonds and "how-do-they-do-it" squishy marshmallows. If there are marshmallows in Rocky Road, they are usually very hard from being frozen. (And don't get Rocky Road wannabe's that only offer a marshmallow ribbon--that's not true Rocky Road. ) Rocky Road is chocolate ice cream perfected!

Rocky Road is definitely my favorite ice cream. Actually it's about the only ice cream I eat because I don't like ice cream that much. One thing I hate about Rocky Road though is that sometimes it has peanuts instead of almonds. It just isn't Rocky Road without the almonds.

9. Neopolitan

Why. Why you do dis? Why 12? Why not 1? I mean seriously Neapolitan 3 flavors in one you want me to name em? Ok. Chocolate, strawberry, and vanilla. If you don't like a flavor but your friends do well get this type of ice cream in a tub and your friends and you can chow down. AND if you get this on an ice cream cone it is like three scoops. And it is delicious too.

SERIOUSLY! How is the smuggly crap cotton candy ice cream ahead of neopolitan!?!? Neopolitan has chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry. So you can get your rich, smooth chocolate. And your very open to toppings vanilla. AND the creamy fruitiness of strawberry. Neopolitan is better than 18. NEEOPOLITAN FOR THE WIN!

Chocolate tastes great. Vanilla tastes great. Strawberry tastes great. So when you put 3 great things together, what do you have? An EXCELLENT thing.

Neapolitan is my favorite as it has three great flavors all in one. Should be in the top three not #13. Some of the above flavors should not even be considered ice cream.

10. Birthday Cake

I LOVE the decirations and sprinkles on it, cause it make this ice-cream pretty! Sometimes I don't want to eat such a pretty ice-cream! But I can't hold myslef fromeating it cause it looks too delicious.

Wish I could eat this... but I don’t eat sprinkles, candy or ice cream at all, except vegan ice cream with no soy, gluten or any food coloring.

I love birthday cake ice cream. The icing in it is so good! Yet I have one problem, I hate sprinkles, flavorless little cylinders that make it crunchy!

Uh, Hello?! Ever heard of birthday cake? Only the greatest kind of ice cream (closely behind Cheesecake) of all time. The taste has the perfect balance of sweetness and coldness.
Chocolate is overrated, as well as vanilla. Think of the flavors that actually taste good; not what everyone else picks!

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