Worlds Most Dangerous Acids / Chemicals

Some of these chemicals were so explosive that it was hard to even find an image of them. No wonder considering some would explode in contact with air alone.. Other’s are so acid that they will burn through just about anything. No more spoilers, here we go!

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1. Fluoroantimonic Acid

Is the “super acid”.  Just to get you an idea of how strong and dangerous this acid really is, it’s 10 000 000 000 000 000 (quadrillion) times stronger than Sulfuric Acid (H2So4), which has a Ph scale of 2. So i bet you’re already wondering what this acid is capeable of. It has no problems going through a human body. Pour some of it on your hand and it will go through your skin, other tissues, muscles and even bones..Yes, it can go trough all sorts of metal too, glass becomes sugar to this acid. The only way you can store this in a safe way, is in a teflon cotainer. This super acid concludes it as the most dangerous acid in the world.

2. Azidoazide Azide C2N14

Extremely sensitive, extremely reactive and EXTREMELY explosive. This acid is the worlds most explosive chemical by far. To put into perspective how explosive this is, according to wikipedia this substance can explode if you:

Expose it to light

Expose it to x-ray

Move it

Touch it

Put it in a different solution

Leaving it on a plate, undisturbed

I hope you will stay away from this acid now.

3. Hydrofluoric Acid

“The bone breaker”. Yes, pour some of this acid on your foot, you’ll have a hole in it, just like that (don’t do it). Now you may think that it will hurt when you pour this on your foot right? Wrong! This acid attacks your nerve system, so you might not realise that you have been burnt until a day after. If this is a good thing or a bad thing, is something you can argue about.This dangerous acid can go though just about anything, but plastic.

4. Dimethylcadmium CH3-Cd-CH3

Some scientists claim that this chemical, is the most toxic of them all. This substance was found by Erich Krause 1917, you guessed it, he later died (hint: not from age). If you breath in the gas from this, it is instantly absorbed into your blood stream and therefore it affects your lungs, kidneys, liver and heart. If the dangerous metal it leaves in your organs doesn’t kill you within hours, the cancer that you’re going to get from it, will.

So how much is needed to kill you? a million of a gram per cubic meter of air is enough.

5. Substance N

In germany 1939, this substance was discovered by nazi agents in a secret bunker. It would explode when it was exposed to water, boiling when exposed to air and was dangerous by even being close to it because it left dangerous gasses. This chemical caught so easily on fire, that it could burn thorugh solid ground by one meter or more, depending on the amount of this substance. Even the Nazis realised that they couldn’t use this substance in the war, because it was simply too dangerous to even experiment with.

6. Aqua Regia

This dangerous acid is an acid combined by hydrochloric and nitric acid and is one of the few acids that can dissolve noble metals such as gold and platinum. Not only will this acid dissolve your body, but it will also release toxic gasses such as volatile chlorine, which is extremely poisonus on it’s own.

7. Batrachotoxin

This toxin is actually produced by the known dart frog ( read top 10 most dangerous animals here). According to wikipedia, only 2µg/kg is enough to kill a rat. That is a 10th of 1 000 000g. (yes extremely little) If a human licks the skin of this dangerous frog, he will die, guaranteed. Batrachotoxin is dangerous because it will simply tear down your nervous system and there’s NO effective antidote. So stay away!

8. VX

This is a nerve agent with no other uses than in chemical warfare. Only 10 milligrams of skin contact is enough to be fatal. With inhalation, far less is needed. Maybe you’ve heard of the extremely toxic nerve agent called Sarin, well that is nothing in comparison to the dangerous VX. The production of this substance was discontinued, with the only exception in medical research.

9. Thioacetone

This acid is not dangerous because it’s explosive, not because it will burn through your skin. No. It’s dangerous because the smell of it. Yes you heard right, this substance is the worst smelling substance on the planet. Heard of a shark can smell 1 drop of blood a thousand meters away? Well, you can smell 1 drop of this with a distance of 500 meters (and you have a human nose).  In freiburg, Germany in 1889, chemists in a soap factory accidently made this substance by breaking apart Tri-Thioacetone. The ENTIRE city had to evacuate because of this smelly acid.

10. Hydrogen Peroxide

Kicking this list off with the known hydrogen peroxide. It’s the simplest of the Peroxides, with the formula  H2O2. It may only contain one extra oxygen atom that seperates it from water, but this is an extremely explosive substance. The list only goes worse from here…



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