Worst Years In History

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1. 1939

For me: (I had trouble behaving as a kid)
2005: I was first born. I was an extremely loud and crazy baby that would constantly scream and cry!
2006: Like 2005, but somewhat better.
2007: Good year. I was well behaved and I was happy.
2008: I became miserable this year and my behavior started to get bad.
2009-2013: My behavior was out of control. I became even more miserable. I was happy a lot of times throughout these years though. Rough years.
2014: My behavior improved a lot and it was a good year overall.
2015: Not much special happened this year, but still good.
2016: Some cool stuff happened. Better than the previous year. This year had my Halloween and Thanksgiving.
2017: Best year in my life so far. My behavior significantly improved, I graduated elementary school, and had a fun summer.
2018: Fun year where I did a lot of awesome things and I turned 13. What sucked about this year was that my Dad broke up with his girlfriend and my Uncle Tom passed ...more

I do not understand why people think 2013 and 2014 are the worst years in history because music, movies, and video games sucked when there were years with World Wars that killed millions of people. In reality, 1939 and 1941 were the worst years in history because they involved the deaths of millions of people killed from violence, wars, and camps. I do not remember hearing about millions of people killed in World Wars or concentration camps in 2013 or 2014.
And also, I like songs like Happy, Blurred Lines, and Counting Stars. Years like 2013 or 2014 may have sucked pop culture wise (although I have found some songs from those years to be good), but 1939 and 1941 were indeed the worst with many innocent lives taken away from wars. - anonygirl

So 2016 was the world year ever because celebrities died and democracy took course? nonsense... 1939 signified the beginning of a brutal war that took millions of lives and led course to even more divisions, deaths and tortures in the long term aka a divided Berlin. If you can even compare 2016 to a year that spawned the genocide and mass murdering of millions of innocent men, women and children, you really need to grow up and maybe pick up a book rather than forming your opinion on the basis of a buzzfeed article

For me:
1999: That was the year that I was born
2000-2005: Great!
2006-2008: Best yearz of my life (Nothing Happened)
2009: Sucks
2010: Was Bad too
2011: It was okay! (nothing special)
2012: Again, it was okay! (Nothing special for me)
2013: HORRIBLE, Horrible, horrible year for me! Where do I begin? I was forced to get braces, I had a very crappy school year, The teachers were very mean back then, Frozen was released then, my life got completely screwed up, I was introuced to violent behaviors, PLUS, CRINGEWORTHY FANBASES! I was glad that I left the GoAnimate community to move on to Flash Animation.
2014: Very bad, but improved later on
2015: Meh, it was okay!
2016-present: Awful!

2. 1350

It's ridiculous that all these horrible years with almost everything terrible about them, plagues and death and wars and other bad things, are below 2020 and 2016. Okay, 2020 was when Covid got really bad. But still, worse than most of the other years on here? No, actually. If we had been alive for all these years, we would probably have 2020 in the low forties. But since we modern folks have been around for 2020, and it was not very enjoyable, 2nd place, here we come! And 2016? Okay, people. 2016 was actually one of the best years of all time. Life in the 21st century is the best of all time, because people live longer, happier, healthier, and safer. Oh, Zika and "youtube declining" is the reason 2016 deserves to be the THIRD WORST YEAR IN HISTORY. Here, let me put it into perspective for you. Zika has killed 20 people. The Bubonic plague killed 200 million people. Yessir, Zika is much worse, because 20 deaths is much worse than 200 000 000! For every death from zika, ten million ...more

This year was certainly the worst year in history, it was the height of the most deadly disease in history, the Black Death. By the start of 1350 tens of millions of people had already died in just three years from the Black Death but the Black Death continued and didn't start slowing down in it's killing rates until 1351. Overall between 1939-1945 in a population stagnating world about 1% (21 million a year) of the world's population died a single year during the Second World War. The Black Death in the period from 1347-1351 which is less than the 6 years of the World War II, killed half of Europe's population, over a quarter of the world's population that was alive in 1346 died during the years 1347-1351, greatly reduced the world population which the Second World War failed to do. It took 200 years for world population levels to get back to pre-Black Death levels. So not only was the Black Death far more deadly than the Second World War or any wars in history but it was also the ...more

How is this below 2016? In 1350, the Black Death peaked to its highest and wiped out tens of millions of people. How are the deaths of celebs and a US election worse than the the peak of the worst pandemic in history? In my personal opinion, 2016 was a better year than 1350, even though I didn't live in 1350.

This is way above 2016 and 2020 on the list. Even though 2020 had the coronavirus, 1350 had the bubonic plague. Oh, and the bubonic plague happened between 1346 until 1353

3. 2020

2005: born
2006 - 2009: can't remember
2010: Pretty bad. 3/10
2011: Horrible. I can't even explain why I hate this year. 1.6/10
2012: A little more decent. 5.7/10
2013: Great year. Lots of good stuff happened. 9/10
2014: Same as 2013. 9/10
2015: Same as 2013 and 2014. 9/10
2016: Bad. YouTube got bad, CN got bad, Nick got WORSE, Trump got elected, etc. 2/10
2017: Pretty good. 8/10
2018: Best year ever! I had lots of fun this year and not one bad little thing affected it. 10/10
2019: Same as 2013, 2014, and 2018. 9.9/10
2020: Horrible. Bad things happened here. 1.3/10
2021: WORST YEAR! I thought 2020 was bad but god, this takes the cake. My sister died from COVID, my grandma died from a earthquake, Flash stopped being supported, Myanmar had a military coup, and more horrible things are happening. Not one good thing happened this year. -10/10

December 21, 2020: The House and Senate pass a $900 billion Covid-19 relief bill.
NFL linebacker and defensive end Kevin Greene died at 58 years old.
December 22, 2020: President Trump says that he might not sign the $900 billion relief bill, which was passed by both the House and Senate. He also calls for Congress to amend the bill and increase stimulus checks to Americans earning under $75,000 per year from $600 to $2,000. House Speaker Pelosi agrees to work with Congress to increase the payout amount.
December 23, 2020: Three police officers are killed and a fourth wounded after they responded to a domestic violence incident in Saint-Just, France. The gunman, who set his house on fire, is later found dead. The gunman's partner was rescued.
December 24, 2020: Worldwide Covid-19 surpasses 79.1 million cases and 1.73 million deaths!

2020 has been the second worst year of my life, 2007 was absolute hell for me. The obvious reason why this year has been so bleak for everybody is because of the Novel Coronavirus Pandemic which swept the world at unprecedented speed, causing 71 million infections and 1 million deaths. This year started out wonderful because I found a job at a retirement home but in March, I had to quit my job at the retirement home due to pandemic concerns. Its not easy for me to find a job because I have mild autism, I hope you can be understanding. I agree with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's opinion: "We are living in an unprecedented global pandemic, that really sucks! Nobody wanted 2020 to turn out this way". All of the other terrible news that circulated airwaves such as the deaths of Kobe Bryant and George Floyd, Australian Bush Fires, American-Iran rivalries, Lebanon explosions made 2020 unbearable. Also, on the family side, problems related to health, stress, broken hardwood flooring, makes ...more

I know, that 2020 is not to compare with yeas like 1939-45 or the Black Death phase. Even considering the actual Corona pandemic, the hurricane season, the actual wave of terrorist attacks in Mid-Europe, the US Election...
BUT for my family and me, this year has been an absolute plague and nightmare so far, even with the "Big C" put aside. Since February we go through, like, everything UNLUCKY and BAD that could happen to us: Expensive House/Car accidents and repairs, illnesses (especially Corona in te past few weeks, yes), relatives' deaths, I could extend the list even far further. I thought 2019 was bad, but last year had a stunning difference to 2020: there were breaks in between to take a breath for a week or two.
2020 gives my fam and me bad news like every other day and it is stressful to no end. And the worst thing: There are still almost 2 months to go. I really want to skip them actually...

4. 2016

Oh man, where do I begin?
Well lets start with the Zika Virus. It spread all over the place in South America and some parts of the world. I feel bad for everyone who suffered through that. Whats scary is that it's still spreading, and it affected Florida and parts of Mexico. Hopefully it won't get TOO bad.
Next, lets talk about the attacks that occurred in a couple cities in Europe, starting with Brussels. On March 22 during the year, a couple places in the city were brutally bombed. 35 people were killed, and more than 300 were injured. That's pretty sad. A few months later, in Nice, France, a truck drove into a crowd celebrating Bastille Day. 86 people were killed, and 434 were hurt. Both of those we're terrorist attacks.
Then there's Hurricane Matthew, which did a ton of damage to Haiti, Jamaica, the Dominican Republic, Cuba, The Bahamas, and the Southeastern coast of the United States. Almost 900 people lost their lives, and many people's houses and hometowns were badly hit. The aftermath was flooding, dirty streets, and torn apart buildings.
Now lets talk about the deaths of famous celebrities we all loved. David Bowie died in January, which was pretty much a shock to all of his fans. Prince died months later, which was pretty sad as well. Alan Rickman, a famous English actor, died of pancreatic cancer. Gene Wilder died during the year as well, another shock to his fans. We lost Pete Burns, the founder of Dead or Alive, during 2016 as well. We also lost Carrie Fisher and Debbie Reynolds at the end of 2016, pretty upsetting.
Finally, lets talk about the 2016 United States Presidential Election. The U.S. is a powerful country, but Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump could really screw it up. They're both liars and don't have a heart. When you're a president, you should care for the people in your country. You should be aware of anything that could happen to your country. You should allow foreigners to come and live in your country. You should care about the education, health, and other services for people. Clinton and Trump are neither of these, so America could be in a lot of trouble if one of those two are president.
Well, that's about it. 2016 sure was a horrible year for lots of people. Hopefully 2017 won't be as bad as 2016 was (I've edited this in October 2017, and so far 2017 was a pretty bad year, though in my opinion not as bad as 2016).



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